Province of Shropshire

 Teme Lodge No 4267

The Masonic Province of Shropshire covers the whole County from Whitchurch in the north, to Oswestry in the west, Telford in the east, and Knighton, Ludlow and Cleobury Mortimer in the south.

Freemasonry in Knighton

The town of Knighton is, of course, in Powys, rather than Shropshire, but as the majority of the Lodges in Wales meet in the South, chiefly in Glamorgan, it was resolved at the time of its formation, nearly 100 years ago, that it should be attached to the Province of Shropshire. Indeed, with the help of its sponsoring parent, the Lodge of the Marches in Ludlow, it made more than perfect sense to accept the welcoming arms that the Shropshire Province provided.


The Province of Shropshire has 35 Lodges with over 1200 members.

In 2019 the Shropshire Province will host a Festival for the Grand Charity, which is one of the four main Charities funded by Freemasons. It is this particular Charity which helps many non-Masonic good causes including local Hospices, the Air Ambulance and International Relief Aid. The target sum to be raised by the Brethren of the Province by October 2019 is 1,000,000.